How to prepare for your IV therapy visit

There are a variety of reasons one may book an IV therapy visit.  Some may be using it for self-care, while others are targeting a specific medical condition.  Regardless of your reason for booking an IV visit, preparation is the same.  

Dr. Multari practices at Clementine Natural Health, where our team believes IV therapy should be an enjoyable experience.  We strive to provide a welcoming, uplifting and healing environment.  Here are some things that will help you best prepare for your next IV therapy visit: 

      1. Arrive well-hydrated. 

    The more hydrated you are, the easier it will be to access your veins and get the IV therapy started.  Hydration can be in the form of water, tea or electrolyte drinks.  Beverages that can reduce your hydration status include alcohol and coffee. 

        1. Ensure you’ve had something to eat. 

      IV therapy is well tolerated when you’ve had something to eat, even if it’s as small as a handful of nuts, fruit or granola bar.  Receiving IV therapy on an empty stomach can create nausea for some individuals.    

          1. Wear clothing that will allow easy access to your inner elbow and forearm. 

        I’m sure you knew about this one!  Starting IV therapy is pretty similar to getting bloodwork.  We will need to access your arm for vein selection and IV insertions.    

            1. Bring a book or meditation recording. 

          The average IV therapy visit is around 60 minutes.  This is a great time to pause and be with yourself amidst a busy day.  Some people like to nap, while others dive into a book, podcast or meditation recording.  Make sure to bring whatever form of entertainment best serves you. 

              1. Exercise beforehand.

            Similarly to a blood draw, heavy lifting and exercise are not recommended following IV therapy to prevent bruising.  In addition, if you are someone who exercises- exercising right before your visit (even if it’s a brisk walk up Granville to the clinic) can help your veins become more visible and easier to access. 

                1. Head in the game- the power of the mind.

              The power of belief is extremely powerful and well outlined in medical research.  When it comes to IV therapy, visualizing yourself receiving healing during the appointment can further enhance the positive impact of IV nutrient therapy.

              I hope you enjoyed this blog and found it helpful for your upcoming IV therapy visit.  For ideas on future blog content you would like to see, please drop me a line at

              Catherine Multari, ND, FABNO 

              Naturopathic Physician 

              Clementine Natural Health 

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